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April 29, 2013

Download Wechat for laptop or computer

Wechat, one of the chatting and sharing application for Smartphone users, around 300 people connected in Wechat apps. Wechat include HD video calling, image sharing in group or private and supports 18 languages. This offers not only available to Smartphone users, you can also run this application in computer or laptop. 

You know this application can download from Blackberry store for Blackberry users, Apple store for iPhone users, Windows marketplace for Windows phone, Google play store for Android-based device. And this high class Smartphone are not used by all people. For middle-class and low-class people can also enjoy Android applications.
wechat for computer
wechat for computer

Not only Wechat application, you can also use other Android applications in laptop or computer. “Bluestacks”, one smart app enables to use Android apps in laptop or computer.

 Just follow simple steps to run Wechat apps in laptop or desktop.
·         Download Bluestacks application from
·         And also Wechat application from this download link: click here
·         After completing both application download, first-of-all install Bluestacks apps to PC
·         Launch Bluestacks by clicking Run options, finally you can open Wechat application in Bluestacks
To use other Android-based application download from
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  1. Really a good and easy way to use wechat on my laptop.. Thanks brother..

  2. It is really a good and easy way to use wechat on my laptop.. Thanks for sharing with us :)

    download wechat for pc

    1. thanks for visiting, feel free to connect with us socially!


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